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Delta Force

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Exciting first person shooter. As a member of the Delta Force, no challenge is too tough for you! Head straight into enemy fire and see if you can come out alive! This game provides an interesting mix of strategy and fighting to keep you entertained for quite a while. While the graphics are a bit weak when compared to other games of its genre, the tactical aspects of the game along with an incredible amount of variety in missions will keep you playing this game. Wipe out an enemy base, steal a laptop, get intelligence data, and many more missions will be assigned to you and your unit! Yes, most missions will be finding and destroying an enemy base. That's not all bad though, it will give you a lot of time to shoot and destroy! You will have up to 5 single player campaigns. Fight a drug lord in Peru, a terrorist in Chad, terrorists in Indonesia, militant insurgents in Uzbekistan and more terrorist on a Russian island. Strap on your guns and get ready to join the Delta Force! Full Version Features * Unlimited play on up to 5 computers - you own the game! * Instant activation so you can play right away with no additional downloads required if you have the trial installed! * No shipping, waiting or CD-ROM necessary. * 48-hour money back guarantee * 40 different missions which can be assigned to you! * Enjoy campaigns spread over 5 different countries! * Choose between a variety of guns: Barret Light .50 Caliber sniper rifle, M249 SAW LMG, Heckler & Koch 9mm MP5, the M4 5.56mm Carbine with attached M203 40mm Grenade Launcher and 4x scope * Play in 1st and/or 3rd person modes with the screen in screen feature
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